Rat Ranch

From Houston, Texas, Rat Ranch performs 200 shows a year to crowds at clubs and events across the Lone Star State and beyond. The Rat Ranch show is a mixture of rock/country and everything in between resulting in an experience presented with maximum impact and rock concert-like energy.

The “Rat Ranch sound” is a combination of strong melodic Country, Pop, Rock, and Americana with great grooves and a sound that is all Texas. With influences ranging from outlaw country to alternative rock and everything in between, what would you expect? How about a focus of all the strong elements that helped their influences create timeless and memorable songs that will be immediately burned in to your memory. With a huge tool box of styles and an immense musical vocabulary, Rat Ranch has managed to take the sum of such diverse influences and blend them in to a sound that is simultaneously fresh and unique yet familiar with strong hooks and great rhythms. To try and pigeon hole their sound would be a challenge and a disservice to any loyal music lover.