Nigel Edison

The Nigel Edison Band started performing in 2002 in Spring Texas and has tour all over Texas and parts of Louisiana with over 1000 performances and counting. Nigel’s brand of C&W is very different from what you would hear on mainstream radio. There is definitely a presence of blues, infused with hard rock. “We keep our guitar amps on eleven and sweat towels close to our face! Music to us is a movie with a plot, climax and always a suspenseful end!”
Nigel has played some type of music his whole life. His parents being immigrants from Trinidad and Tobago really gave Nigel a chance to explore the arts. ” People from Trinidad are very different from the Indians in India. “I wasn’t forced into an arranged marriage or sent to engineering school nor take over the family gas station business ha!” Nigel is probably the only working professional “Indian” country and western writer/performer in the world! It’s unique in its own way but speaks “volumes” on stage.
“I want the listener to feel my music in their bone marrow at a live show.”