Drug Store Gypsies

INTRODUCTION: Born from the intuition of former Berklee College of Music students, and the minds of back yard bull shitters alike we are The Drugstore Gypsies. We play a unique blend of southern rock and roll, country and western, and blues music mainly; however, our style of music can range from sounds like Led Zeppelin to Conway Twitty. Overall we like to classify what we play as Southern Americana music.

THE SHOW: Our live show consists of our own original music in addition to a wide variety of cover music. We have enough music, covers and originals, to play a full four hour show. On the other hand we do also have enough of our own original music to fill around an hour to an hour and fifteen minute time slot. Entertainment is also another part of our live show we take much pride in! We believe that not only does it take great music to draw a crowd and keep them in the door, but also giving them something to watch and remember is just as important! If your in the area, come see us at a live show and you won’t be disappointed.